Vitamin E
Coated Vitamin C (97%)
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Vitamin C 99%


White or almost White crystals/Crystalline powder


Major Ingredients

Vitamin C Content: ≥99%


Major Features

Ascorbic Acid is an innovative “green” feed additive, Essential vitamins of animals

Reduce heat stress in animals

Enhance the immunity of animals

Improve feed conversion rate


Major Functions

Ascorbic Acid has over the ordinary coated Vitamin C such advantages as perfect coat, high retention in feed process, and high utilization in animals. ChengYuan Ascorbic Acid has unique performances, which guarantee feed enterprises better feed quality and greater economic benefit.


Function and characteristic

Used to produce premixed and concentrated materials to be added into feed or single to be used.



Shelf life is 24 months. Store in dry and cool place.



Product packaging: 500g/bag;1kg/bag

Carton packaging: 25kg/ Carton