Lachance’s R&D specialist Dr. Samy Elsaadawy visited their clients in Iran


Application of Xylanase in Feed

As the exclusive agent of VTR, we are happy to declare that VTR will be holding an online salon about “The Application of Xylanase In Feed” […]

“Extra Phosphoric Effects of Phytase in poultry Nutrition – from Fiction to Fact” Webinar

Alborz Gostar Darou will be holding a new webinar, “Extra-Phosphoric Effects of Phytase in Poultry Nutrition – from Fiction to Fact”, on Sunday, April 18, at […]

Application of Feed Enzyme on Animal Growth Performance Online Salon

VTR is, once again, going to hold a very useful online salon via Microsoft Teams on Friday, April 16. Dr. Sung Woo Kim from North Carolina […]

Β-Mannanase for Poultry Nutrition

VTR Internet technology conference held on December 15, 2020. Speaker: Dr. Juan Antonio Javierre from University of Madrid