Application of Xylanase in Feed

“Extra Phosphoric Effects of Phytase in poultry Nutrition – from Fiction to Fact” Webinar
Lachance’s R&D specialist Dr. Samy Elsaadawy visited their clients in Iran
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Application of Xylanase in Feed

As the exclusive agent of VTR, we are happy to declare that VTR will be holding an online salon about “The Application of Xylanase In Feed” on next Monday (May 24), via Microsoft Teams.
Dr. Hermann Klein-Hessling will be the presenter. Dr. Hermann is an accomplished agronomist and professional (MS, Ph.D., MBA) with 20 years of broad, multiple experiences in agribusiness, agronomy and especially related to segments of the applied horizontally (cropping systems) and applied vertically integrated breeding, feeding, nutrition, health, and animal production industry.
To receive the link to the salon, please send us an email or message us on WhatsApp: +98 903 859 0160

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