Vitamin C 99%
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Coated Vitamin C (97%)

Coated Vitamin C (97%)



White whole milk or white pellets


Major Ingredients:

Vitamin C Content: ≥97%


Coating composition:

specific vegetable fat


Major Features

  • Coated Ascorbic Acid is an innovative “green” feed additive, made in Vitamin C with a unique microcapsule technique and double embedding technique, the consistency of quality is assured.
  • Made in the capsule material with medicine preparation formula of modified-release preparations, different layers embedded with different formula, and have high bio-availability.
  • Made in the capsule material with drugs supplementary material, so toxic-free, residue-free and environmentally friendly new feed additive.
  • The granularity is even, the dispersity is good, easy to be mixed even with the feed and convenient to use.
  • Prevent wet and easy to store.

Major Functions

Coated Ascorbic Acid has over the ordinary coated Vc such advantages as perfect coat, high retention in feed process, and high utilization in animals. Coated Ascorbic Acid has unique performances, which guarantee feed enterprises better feed quality and greater economic benefit.


Function and characteristic:

Used to produce premixtured and concentrated materials to be added into feed or single to be used.