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Natural Red 30

Nature Red is made by the fresh Paprika Oleoresin and all kinds of microelement, going through the process of saponification and concentration, to be adjusted a kind of free-capasanthin products. Due to strong stability and much higher concentration of trans-captsanthin, it’s easy to be absorbed by poultry and aquatic animals.

Main Ingredient(s): Natural Capsanthin (from Paprika)



  • Red powder
  • Saponified rate: more than 75%
  • Particle size: pass through 20 mesh more than 95%.
  • Trans-capsanthin is more than 40%


Product function and characteristics:

  • Effectively changes poultry skin, feet shin, eggs yolk color; showing orange color of natural grazing lustre
  • Inhibits free radical oxidation in vivo animal, improves cell activity
  • Improves the fertilization rate and hatching rate, improves the quality of young animals, enhances immunity
  • Extracted from qualified Paprika, 100% natural product, safe and healthy. Has unique biological effects without any side effects
  • Through a special process, the product is stable and easy to absorb, coloring quickly, the effect is obvious especially in eggs.


Usage and dosage
Used in all kinds of feed for coloring poultry skin, feet shin,eggs Recommendation: 0.1-0.3 kg/ton

12 months after manufacturing date

Storage condition
Should be stored in ventilated, cool and dry warehouse, strictly prohibit mixing with toxic, harmful substances

Vacuum packing: Poly bag+Aluminum Foil Bag+Brown Bag, bags of each 20 kg