Vitamin D3
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Choline Chloride 60%

Melting point: 302 °C
Formula: C5H14ClNO
Molar mass: 139.62 g·mol−1
Solubility in water: very soluble (>650 g/l)
Appearance: White or deliquescent crystals

Product description:

Choline (commonly in the form of Choline chloride) is one of the B categories of vitamin. It is acetylcholine in the biological organization. It is the components of lecithin and nerve acid fat. It is used by most animals as a precursor or acetyl choline, which influences the transmission of impulses from nerves to muscles. It is also used as a source of methyl groups.



  1. Prevent the accumulation of fat and tissue lesions in the liver and kidney.
  2. Strengthen animals’ health and disease resistance ability.
  3. Improve animals’ growth rate and laying rate, and piglets survival rate.
  4. Promote fish growth and breeding, improve survival rate
  5. Ensure the animals normal function of nervous system.


Packing: PP compound bag, 25kg/bag

Storage: avoid sunlight, keep away from dampness.

Shelf Life: Sealed storage, 18 months.